Watch the Sun Set at Clarendon Community Center Park

Along with spring weather comes the desire to spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air, which—for Uptown residents—often means heading out to nearby Clarendon Community Center Park. At this popular park you’ll find plenty of paths for walking and jogging, as well as broad, open swaths of well-tended lawn (popular among picnickers, families with children who want to run around, and pet-owners). Park regulars also note that the property offers a spectacular sunset view. Just head to the east side of the park along Marine Drive and look west as the sun sets to see the sky fill with golden pink light. 

Access to the park’s popular recreation programs, Community Center, and pool is currently limited, but there’s still plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. Grab your sneakers for a jog, or take along a cup of coffee to sip as you amble along at a more leisurely pace.