Shake Up Your Takeout Routine at Dai Yee’s Asian Kitchen

Ready to try your new favorite Chinese spot? Head over to Dai Yee’s Asian Kitchen virtual kitchen. They are open for take out or delivery, and they cook up their entrées daily using only the freshest ingredients. The owner has been in the restaurant industry for almost two decades, and with all the changes brought on by COVID-19 regulations, decided to open a new take out only restaurant to better serve the neighborhood.

The menu offers a variety of Chinese dishes that are all worthy of reverence and to be devoured. A must try is their signature homemade eggs rolls and dipping sauces, as they are a perfect addition to any entrée. Other fan favorites include the Crab Rangoon, the Roast Pork and the huge portion sizes – that taste even more delicious the next day. They also have added some nice touches to enhance your takeout experience, like sending an order of French fries when you order curry, as the owner grew up dipping fries in curry.

Give it a taste test, and you will quickly move Dai Yee’s Asian Kitchen to the top spot on your take out rotation!