Cool Off at Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store

Each day, the team at Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store hand-bakes fresh waffle cones, whip fresh cream, craft their high-quality, small-batch ice cream, and scoop it into nostalgic fountain glasses for each customer. 

At its core, the highlight of Oberweis is its ice cream. With classic flavors like chocolate, cookie dough, strawberry, mint chip, vanilla, and more, each scoop takes you on a trip down memory lane. You might find yourself remembering a childhood ice cream shop, or a vintage soda fountain from your favorite film. Just as importantly, you’ll have a sweet, delicious treat to enjoy! Beyond the simplest scoops, you’ll find a variety of other fountain treats on the Oberweis menu. A classic hot fudge sundae, chocolate shake, strawberry smoothie, or coffee drink might be your dessert of choice—and you’ll find each one offered at Oberweis. You can even add ice cream sundaes to your next event with their local catering, or set up a fundraiser for your group or organization to support your team with delicious ice cream.