Aldi Debuts a New Store Location Near Your Apartment at 850 Lake Shore Drive

You don’t shop at Aldi?! Why not?? If you want quality products at unbeatable prices (and who doesn’t?), then Aldi is for you. There is a new location on the North Side, just over a mile away from 850 Lake Shore Drive. Shop the store for fresh produce, packaged goods, meats, frozen items, and much more, all at priced that put other grocers to shame.

In addition to food, Aldi stocks private label home goods – everything from new bedding and kids toys, to sporting goods, storage, and more – along with seasonal goods for every holiday and occasion in between. Grab all your pantry staples, pet food, paper and cleaning products, and baby care items, along with a new doormat, kitchen utensils, and a few gifts to stash away before the holidays. 

Why would you shop anywhere else? Find the newest Aldi on West Division Street, with store hours until 9 p.m. seven days a week.